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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Compass Collecting Software

Once a collection of coins or notes accumulates, we all know it becomes difficult to track all the items that are there. But, one of the most important issues that collectors need to keep in mind is that accurate and complete record-keeping is crucial, both for collecting purposes and safety purposes. Whether looking up an item without taking out the bulky, or looking at a list of your belongings in cases of theft, nothing is more useful that records - and in today's age, digital records are easy to use and easy to transport. ** Over the past few years, I've found that it's difficult to find a software that is tailored for Russian coins and banknotes. Most coin collecting software is built to accept information on US coins, and even those coin softwares that can be modified just can't do the job when you also have a Russian banknote collection to keep records for and no coin collecting software can house it. But, one product I've found solved my problems and allowed me to keep records of all my Russian coins and notes (and of any country I ever collect in the future): *
The Compass Collectables Collection Management Software
** Totally customizable, full of features that allow me to put images in with my coins, different skins with different colors, and even a capability to launch your own site with your own URL after you've put your collection in. Any field imaginable is here, from your typical "Year" and "Denomination" to creative (and useful!) ones like "Price Paid", "Date Acquired", "Catalog Value", and literally any field you'll ever need. And most importantly, it's easy to use. Here are some screen shots from my own collection: This is the "Notes" section of the Compass software, and is the basic "Home" screen with a list of some of the notes. Note the huge list of fields on the left that you can add or remove, very useful. The "Coins" section of the Compass software. Same basic layout as the one for Notes, but you can also add different fields like "Mintmark" and "Edge" and "Diameter", etc. that you wouldn't find with notes.
This is the best feature - once you put in an item into your list as seen in the previous two screen shots, you can toggle to a "Details" tab that opens this screen where you can put in more detailed info, look at larger photos, anything you want! For $19.95, this was definitely worth it. Don't bother looking for other coin collecting software, this is the one you need no matter what collection you have. **