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Friday, February 26, 2010

Imperial Russia: 50 Rubles (1899)

Denomination: 50 Rubles
Year of First Issue: 1899
Governing Body: Czar Nicholas II
The 50 Ruble note's most striking features include the portrait of Czar Nicholas I (Reign 1825-1855) and the colored designs on the back of the note. The note was first introduced in 1899 as part of another 1 Ruble-500 Ruble series that came out that same year. However, once the newer editions of the notes were printed in the early years of the 20th century, the Russian empire kept the 50 Ruble note from the 1899 series and continued it with the newer ones, choosing not to redesign the 50 Ruble note like the other denominations were redesigned. Since it was printed by the Imperial mint from 1899 and kept until the fall of Czar Nicholas II, the note exists in 4 signature varieties: Pleske (until 1903), Timashev (1903-1909), Konshin (1909-1912), and Shipov (1912-1917).